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Our Managed Services offering combines user support with network administration and network security. 

In short, We take care of your IT EVERYTHING.

Maximum 1 hour same day response time to emergency requests 

NetGenius was founded on the goal of providing an all inclusive IT solution that is designed with security in mind. Our pricing is static, and includes emergency responses, for which there is no limit or up-charge.  We believe that it is our obligation and duty to respond to your needs in a timely manner without the need for you to consider budgetary restrictions or cost. 






Having been in the government, corporate enterprise, and medical spaces for many years, NetGenius partners understand the consequences of the mishandling of CJIS data, medical data, personally identifying information, and corporate IP. Additionally, NetGenius partners have established relationships with software, hardware, systems, and security vendors, receive regular threat feeds, and correspond with law enforcement counterparts on a regular basis to maintain the highest level of security awareness.

The Managed Services offering provides you with excellent IT support and the very best in data security.  

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*Additional 15 hours of Virtual CIO services included for first 90 days of Managed Services

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