What makes netGenius a better choice?

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NetGenius founders draw from their experience in the information security, law enforcement, and data network engineering industries to provide a managed service that is unmatched by competitors. No other managed services and security provider can provide the all encompassing service that results from our founders' depth of knowledge in the fields related to the management of computer networks and the security of data systems. netGenius has performed incident response services for Fortune 500 companies, and understands the implications of poor security and the damage caused by network intrusions.  Contact us to learn more, or view our price list.

You will not find more transparent pricing or more honest delivery.

Currently under netGenius management are:

Government agencies, law firms, medical facilities, water districts, banks, hedge funds, technology companies, financial services firms, and others. 

Government Agencies

NetGenius technicians have extensive experience in the government space, dealing with CJIS, TLETs, various court software systems, RMS systems, and CAD.    Our founders have over 20 years of experience in law enforcement, and IT services.    


Moe Siddiqui was the IT Director for his local Police Department, Fire Department, and City Hall for 10 years.  During this time, he developed a stellar reputation for his mastery of the CJIS process, and management of CJIS data and TLETs terminals.   Soon he was managing IT services for many cities in North Texas.  Moe was the Chief Technical Officer for a law enforcement software company, where he continued to build on his understanding of the CJIS process, and the relationships that exist between government agencies, software vendors, and the State.  


Moe partnered with Ben Singleton, a 10 year veteran Police Detective who has a thorough understanding of government process, cyber security threats, and law enforcement needs.  Ben has worked for two law enforcement software vendors, serving as Vice President for the latest.  Ben and Moe worked together to develop streamlined methods of dealing with CJIS data and delivering it to authorized users.   Ben has years of experience investigating financial crimes, fraud, and related cyber crimes.    


We understand the needs specific to government, and work to provide seamless service, 24 hour help desk support, intrusion detection, 24/7 up-time monitoring, off-site backup, anti-virus, and patch management.  In addition we provide liaison services with CJIS and TLETs representatives, and audit assistance.  ​

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